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Sentence Starters
"Come back to me!"
"I can fix you."
"I can't save you."
"It's not all about you!"
"Grow up!"
"You need to open your eyes and see the world's fucked up."
"What a freak!"
"Nobody gives a shit about you!"
"I won't be here when you come back."
"If you leave, don't expect me to wait."
"I'll always be here for you."
"Don't leave, please!"
"I needed you!"
"Don't fucking touch me!"

I know I have other things like drafts and the last few inbox messages but I really want to do some drabbles my problem is which one should I do first?

  • First kill (BB’s first kill which leads him down his destructible way into become the Big Bad Wolf)
  • First encounter with the Enchantress (when he becomes cursed)
  • Return with the search (His struggle with leaving Beast and returning to his search of the Enchantress)
  • Rooming with the bear family (His time with 3 bears. I need to add this to his story)
  • Madness (BB driving Esmeralda into madness with the dark arts and creating the monster he turned her into)
  • Don’t want to be alone (BB’s suicide attempt after his mother died while living with Geppetto and accepting him as family)

Black Widow and Winter Soldier Comic Book Starters
"You always did impress me."
"Leaving has never really been a problem for me."
"She's better off without me."
"And you can't change my nature."
"Dude, stop whining. Seriously. You'll live."
"He's had worse."
"You're the only person I can trust right now."
"Kill anyone who might get close to him. That's spy paranoia."
"How about you explain to me what you're doing here. While we wait."
"Buddy, why are you protecting this guy?"
"What part of quiet is unclear?"
"I'm a cold-hearted person. So I'll make it quick."
"The kid he remembers never even existed."
"Still with me Robards?"
"This is exactly what you wanted, isn't it?"
"Well soldier, are you just going to stand there and brood?"
"This doesn't mean I still owe you from that last poker game?"
"I like the rain."



{Send me a ‘₩’ for my muse’s reaction of yours dumping a bucket of water on them.}


"Lucky for you I actually like the water."

"So you’re saying that not giving you a thing of puppy shampoo first was a good idea, right?"

"Exactly, Lawrence. Exactly." BB shook off the asses water that was dripping off of him and grinned up at Larry seeing that he sprayed a few droplets his way. 


₩ (I am addicted to sending you ask memes)

{Send me a ‘₩’ for my muse’s reaction of yours dumping a bucket of water on them.}


"Bun-bun your so lucky there isn’t water near here or some body of water. I’d hate to get your fluffy hair soaking wet like mine." BB grinned at the other well knowingly that she couldn’t see the mischief he was thinking on his face.

{Send me a ‘₩’ for my muse’s reaction of yours dumping a bucket of water on them.}


"Lucky for you I actually like the water."



Muse A and Muse B were once lovers, long ago. Through circumstance, they were torn apart and Muse B died. Now, Muse A is forced to walk alone on the Earth for eternity, remembering their lover as they once were, until one day, hundreds of years later, they see Muse B.

Muse B is different because of the times and has no recollection of it, because they are not the original, but a reincarnation of that person. They could look a little different, act a little different, but everything else is the same. Muse A knows that Muse B is their lover and will do anything to stay with them.

This is my idea with the help of fellow roleplayer faithfulhound based off The Mummy. You may use but please DO NOT take credit as your own.


"Hope you haven't missed me too much. I'll be back tonight." He said hopefully, but with a signature drawl of sarcasm.


"Missed? Hmm…idk about that. I was however wondering if you exploded from massive muscles though." BB chuckled and grinned towards the other. Oh how he loved to mess with him. "So where have you been papa bear? Getting more muscles at the muscle shop?”

Send “Lips Like Sugar” for my muses reaction to yours grabbing them and placing multiple kisses on their lips